Leading Edge Innovations’ primary goal is to deliver flawless and innovative finished products to the marketer, so that their brand can present performance driven products to the consumer. From concept to finished product, the LEI team provides unsurpassed excellence in the following areas.
  • Trends Forecasting
  • Product Conception, Innovation, Formulation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Research and Development
  • Accelerated and Long Term Stability Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance and Documentation
  • Manufacturing and Production
LEI validates the integrity of all of our innovative products that are intended for commercialization, ensuring that the products are properly scaled-up to ensure the highest level of quality and reproducibility during production. We also provide clients with additional services such as coordinating performance, safety, microbiological, analytical and package testing, as well as conducting regulatory reviews.

Our Process

LEI’s technical expertise, coupled with our unique approach and strategic partnerships, results in a streamlined process that delivers comprehensive solutions with the most desired results for our customers.
LEI works with selected contract manufacturers to manufacture, fill, package and deliver your product to your distribution center. We are also able to work with our customer’s preferred contractors to deliver finished goods. The final result of the process is the creation of an innovative product that meets the highest level of quality standards and exceeds market expectations.

Our Products

We begin our new product initiatives by tracking and assessing the global and consumer markets, analyzing trends, then conceptualizing products both for and with our customers, working hand-in-hand to quantify aesthetic attributes and assess performance.
Our product development efforts primarily focus on skin care, sun care, cosmetics, hair care, fragrance & spa and OTC products, which we uniquely formulate utilizing our proprietary MicroSperse® Technology.
The exclusive MicroSperse® Technology process results in outstanding products that are natural and aesthetically superior, virtually eliminating the need for traditional surface-active agents that often disrupt the skin’s fragile barrier properties.
LEI’s unique proprietary MicroSperse® Technology is used to create product platforms including:
  • Compromised and sensitive skin
  • Simple, uncomplicated, effective skin care
  • Radiance and brightening with “light play”
  • Natural skin care with superior aesthetics
  • Unique, highly efficacious sunscreens with superior aesthetic properties
  • Next generation anti-aging face and body products
  • Makeup/skin care hybrids
  • Unique spa, hair care and fragrance products
MicroSperse® Technology can also be implemented to create products to be used in the food & beverage and nutrition categories, along with household products.

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